Winning Betting Strategies

Winning Betting Strategies The key to winning a sports bet is by doing your homework and conducting thorough research before placing your bets. Everyone can do this, especially the people you are betting on. They are your true betting “tiers” and you never know when they are going to hit it big.

Top Sports handicappers will always do at least one thing: they will look at stats, they will look at previous records, they will look at injury reports, they will even study the brain of the players that are taking part in the game. They will never fail to consider human variables such as motivation, environment, mental health, hometown, defenses, fatigue, among other things.

A true handicapper will always be obsessed about proving and proving that his picks and predictions will actually win. Even if it’s just 55% to 55.5% they will win. That’s a 60% win percentage trigger if you know what you are doing.

So what is the secret to winning? The secret is variation. You will never hit a big play or three home runs with a single bet, so you have to be prepared to cover a lot of different situations. Before you ever place a bet you have to Mini-maintain all of your picks, even if they lose. That means if you lose a bet you will have to wait at least one day to place the next bet. Mini-maintain in the event you go on a losing streak because you don’t want to lose all of your money just because of a mistake.

Variation is the only way to win and as long as you can maintain the edge over the sports books that you are using, you will always be the edge consistently. Some handicappers will not make the same bet every time, but if they Martingale bet the same every time they will always lose. In addition, they will never increase the size of the bet as the weight of the bet increases.

Make sure you are consistent in your betting, bet the same amount every time, and bet in a way that you can cover the event in question. If you don’t do this you can and I repeat WILL not win. Every successful bettor has some type of system they use to bet and the reason they win is because they are consistent.

Winning Betting Strategies

Winning Betting Strategies Can you win without Consistency?You can win consistently with a good system, but winning the game is not as simple as betting the same thing every time. angles, odds, systems, people, anything can cause you to lose money. The reason consistency is important is because it can win consistently, but it can also lose regularly. You want to make sure that the system you use to bet on the games you bet on provides for both long term winners as well as for losers. Do not use a system that has the temeria of a loser.

When you use a consistent system you will always have an edge. It is the edge that makes you profitable and it gives you a chance to win even when one bet loses. Consistency is everything, you want to win with consistency, you want your bets to reflect your actions as a winning handicapper. You want to be able to build your long term winning at a profitable rate while still keeping your betting reasonable.

Winning Betting Strategies Do not be a betting loser, I cold be a loser too, some days. You can do things right and still lose, that is a fact of life. You might be able to bet right consistently, you might be able to hit half the balls right, you might play every day and still lose, but unless you can pick winners you are going to end up in the loser’s circle. Do not give up, I did and I am sure that you will be back and win the majority of your bets. Just not the majority of them, but most consistently.

You are just like me in that you are probably realizing how hard it took to learn how to really pick winners, and how you might be able to start winning the picks again in just a couple weeks or months but not any more. Or maybe not at all. You are just like me in that you are anxious to crack the code so to speak, so you can finally have the life you deserve and actually have it in your life as opposed to just a dream.

The thing is, if you are serious about cracking the code, the first thing you have to do is to invest in a quality pick click . A pick that you can feel comfortable with, a pick you feel confident with. One that will actually work and not be another waste of your money. The problem with purchasing a pick is that you need to invest money to get a handicapper that will give you the picks. If you can not cover the cost of the pick, you will get no return on your investment. A quality handicapper will charge for their service, just like with an actual sports handicapper.

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