Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack Card Counting When playing blackjack you can look at various ways of improving your chances at the game. Card counting is one of the methods available to improve the odds in your favor. Can you beat the dealer and take the money? Keep reading and choosing wisely.

Blackjack Card Counting & the Development of Card Counting Systems

long before it was published by the famous statistician Dr. Edward Thorp, card counting systems for blackjack were being used. The techniques are still being used today to some extent, but not nearly as successfully as before. Perhaps the most famous of the card counting methods is the Red Seven method.

The method was started by a group of MIT students who used computers to run a simulation of a game of blackjack. They had the players list the cards they had accumulated, and then placed these in a list to determine if the next hand would be favorable to the player.

The system required the player to rank all of the cards that did not already have a number in the total of 13. Put simply, the more cards without a number greater than seven, the better the next hand. The opposite meant if the number was just below 7, then the cards with the number less than seven were placed in the smaller group. The players ran the simulation over thousands of hands, using varied betting and drawing strategies.

What Does This Mean for the Player?

Now that we know that 5-card counting doesn’t work, is simple math time to apply. If you don’t know the low-end and high-end values, or 2-card and 3-card drawing, then read the next couple of paragraphs.

1000 hands into the 1000 hand simulation, the players will have different sets of cards in their hand. Half of each group will have a card set that is favorable, and half of each group will have no cards that are favorable. Here’s the interesting part.

If you had a dollar for every hand that you played, and you knew full well that you would have this dollar in less than two hands, then you could take an extra dollar every hand. This would make your total dollarage go up fairly nicely.

The funny thing about this is that the groups aren’t that different. In fact, in the thousand hands, a 52-card deck would have fewer small cards than an endless stream of 7s,8s,9s,10s,J Q-s and K-s.

Why This Betting Method Works

Because the cards have no memory, it is hard to predict what card will come that isondeal you’re going to get. This is the beauty of the Red-7 Card Counting method. You can’t predict which cards will come, so you have to have faith that you won’t lose your bet.

But you don’t lose your bet as long as you don’t have a natural advantage in the game. So, the system works by inhibiting your player’s ability to determine an advantage based solely on the strength of his opponent’s hand.

Blackjack Card Counting

Card Counting Myths

As with any betting system, the myth that card counting works is adored and carried forward to the point that the veracity becomes part of the strategy itself. Much like the strategies that claim to make money from the stock market and yield a profit on sports books, the card counting myths are part of the same family.

It is the job of the author to set the stage, allow the audience a little education as to the method and to provide a little jeopardy for the unsuspecting. With the right conditions however, the myth can be broken and the system of Blackjack card counting can be shown to be a mathematical certainty.

Card Counting Myths

clipsed with these myths are the following:

(1) Card counting is illegal.

This myth is largely based on the fact that neither playing in a casino nor using a card counting device in the online sorts are illegal in most states. However, in Nevada, card counting ishestopped in the casinos. Nevada has licensed casinos which casino คาสิโนเว็บตรง push customers out of the door rather quickly, in the hope that they would go elsewhere to play.

In reality, playing online is legal

(2) Card counting doesn’t work.

This isn’t to say that card counting doesn’t work. Card counting devices work. The player must know how to use them, and this is what makes blackjack the only casino game in which a player can gain an advantage.

Card counting devices are legal

(3) You don’t need to learn how to count cards.

Actually, counting cards in blackjack is illegal. You can learn how to count cards in live games, but you don’t need to learn how to count cards in order to win.

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