The Secret of Blackjack

The Secret of Blackjack How to win at Blackjack? What is the secret to Blackjack gaming? How do some people know when to quit and when to stay? What are the possibilities of winning that natural 21? Let me show you some…

The simple arithmetic in blackjack dealing is to look out for the number of decks the casino is using against the players. The more decks, naturally the higher probability of the house winning. This doesn’t mean that I agree to the 6:5 rule that some casinos are paying for blackjack. Look out for the rates which the house is paying; it must be the normal 3:2 rates for payment of natural 21 or else the table should be banned!

When the crowd is cheering at a table, it usually means the probability sides have switched, in which case, it would be a good roll to join the crowd! Even if you are sticking as a sideliner for quick breaks is fine; remember you are out to win, not live another day! When you are in such a table as mentioned above, if you just want to get out and never come back, with most casinos all around, you can easily do so.

Remember you are playing against the dealer, not on each other. There is no need to keep betting if you don’t feel in the moment you will lose anything.

When you count cards, do not rely on your own pattern and what suits your hand. Cards are dealt in also in twos and threes and rarely in tens or more. unless the dealer is showing a soft 17 or higher, which is the case if you are to get a natural 21.

The Secret of Blackjack

The Secret of Blackjack I played a hand last night which highlighted to me the uselessness of 149! I played with a friend who has played the same hand with the same conclusion. Suppose you hold two cards to a value of 14 with one of them (don’t tell me how you managed to get a 1467) and the other a 7, and the dealer shows a 6 and a 2. You will probably lose with this hand too.

But suppose the same person with the same two cards to a 14 places you with a 14 and a 6. No problem! You will still lose! Because you have the house edge in this situation which is a whopping 16.67%. Why 16.67%? This is because you pay 1 to 1 odds on all future draws rather than the 1.46 to 1 odds that you have of betting this hand; therefore, by betting this hand you only win an additional $2.89! If you split this hand you will only lose an extra $2.09, but betting on each of the four draws (with the six digit split) will give you an extra $10.

It is obvious to see that to initiate a bet on a four digit hand you need an an above average hand, and an above average profit. Otherwise, you on the average lose about $2.09 to the casino, and on some remarkable hands you can lose up to $50 to the casino.

The house edge is about 2.70% for natural blackjack. Some แทงบอลบนมือถือ people swear by “card counting”, a strategy that can see the pattern of a game and predict the down card. Most experts say this is useless and it will not work because the cards are still being dealt in a random way (not necessarily linked together in a pattern).

Unless you know a special system, stick to the blackjack strategy below:

The house edge can be reduced by following these rules of thumb, and their positive effects will stack up fast.

  1. If you can predict the down card of the dealer, you will have a slightly higher edge in the game.
  2. Card counting has proven to be very unsuccessful and, even if it works very slowly, it is not worth the effort.
  3. Take even money bets and don’t split 10s. You will hardly win anything.
  4. Hard hands win more than soft hands. Therefore, you should not lay more than 5% of your total stack on any hand.
  5. Do not accept insurance in the event of the dealer having an ace.
  6. Do not split 10s.
  7. Don’t play with more than 4 decks of cards.
  8. Casino limits are generally lower than other online casinos, thus allowing you to play more hands.

In conclusion, be disciplined and have self-control. Play the blackjack game wisely and don’t become an addict!

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