Horse Racing Betting Systems

Horse Racing Betting Systems What makes a good horse racing betting system? To many people betting on the horses is just a leisure activity, perhaps even a bit of a gamble. However, many people love to watch the horses race and the people bet on them. There are two reasons why they do this.

Firstly, it allows them to view the race as a truly competitive sporting event. Much like a football match, one can’t argue with the concentration and intricacy of the race as it progresses. As the horses make their speedig trek to the finish line, the viewers are treated to tense stares andgaspsas the contenders’ strains and bonds play out before their fated finish.

Secondly, successful betting also allows people to make money. Whether you are betting on the horses to win or picking horses to lose, betting offers you a chance to make money. However, make sure you bet sensibly. To win sizeable amounts you need to employ good horse racing betting systems, but even small gains can have a progressive effect over a season.

Obviously, no system is foolproof. So employ one that allows you to grow your betting bank steadily. Likewise, you also need to keep an open mind when using horse betting systems. You might be tempted to bet on a certain horse, but statistics show that this probably isn’t the wisest choice, regardless of the odds.

Therefore, fallacy and fallacies abounds when promoting horse racing betting systems as a method of making money. NEVER bet on more than three horses, regardless of the odds. Additionally, statistics show that when you follow a betting system you are likely to lose money, as you have to consistently beat the house.

Lastly, it is recklessness, rather than the discipline of using safe wagers, that causes the majority of gambling addictions. The problem for most people is that they treat gambling as a game and betting on horses as a World Cup event. Winning doesn’t motivate them to keep betting, thus they don’t treat it as gambling, resulting in the possibility of gambling addiction.

Losing is a part of gambling addiction and losing is a part of rationalization. Gordian Thorpe, the singing cowboy, famously sang, “You can’t beat the lotto, it’s a game of chance,” and everyone seems to believe that if enough times the same number appears, it must hit. It’s easy to identify patterns and unlikely combinations. However, it’s also easy to treat a horse racing bet as just another day at the office, or a bit of fun, and not as if you’re fighting a lonely battle against the odds.

Horse Racing Betting Systems

Horse Racing Betting Systems treating your horse racing bets, as a war, requires concentration. Therefore you shouldn’t gamble when this is happening, but most of the time the focus of a war is tactical, not strategic.


Once a race has finished, a final score is given to each horse, depending on the size of the winner. The winner is awarded a score depending on the height of the horse’s tip, and the jockey’s weight. His word is final.

Place Them On: After a race, a gambler must correctly predict the winner of the next race.

The Dice Game: Sometimes referred to as ’36 Balls,’ this popular game is a bet on the outcome of the next toss of the dice.

spectators get bets too, although it’s not a requirement that you buy-in to a Dice game.

Other bets:

When a competitor offers a price, and you wish to test your hands on the proposition.

On the proposition of the day’s action, and consensus opinions by the several players.

The draw, i.e. spoiling the fun of watching the races.

Betting against the outcome, rather than on the outcome. Occasionally a gambler may bet on the wrong horse.

Taking a chance…You can’t win unless it’s a bet you feelCertain bets can be banned, and non-assigned.

La Partage…Partaking of the horserace betting handicap.

The practice of laying a bet in aid of horseracing handicap is finding ever more sophisticated ways of benefiting from the horseracing handicap.

Byways…There are many betting approaches from which we can benefit.

Horses, Road Conduct, Going Trade: It takes a road ฝากขั้นต่ำ50บาท course head to head with one particular horse.

This is a challenging and usually unsciplined race, and makes a number of leaps and bounds in the class of racing expected of the race.

Then there are the sun-ris abductions, where a race is called off at the end of the first day because it becomes tooicult race to handle.

Placing the bets: Laying a bet is not the issue here. You will have to review the conditions and wait for the official results.

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