The Best way to Beat the Casino System

The Best way to Beat the Casino System Many people have studied and tried to understand how to beat the casino system and how to win in the casinos, but to no avail. The reasons for this could be a result of:

A) Win at the casino with the best odds

B) Know when to walk away

C) Know when to press your luck

D) Learn when to quit

There are many choices of how to play the casino games, but none of these is better than card counting. Card counting is the best way to win at the casino, hands down. The odds are the house edge in the casino games is designed to protect the casino from a loss so that the casino can make a profit.

Card counting is a system or strategy for card counting and Here you will learn more on:

  1. Why card counting works
  2. Card counting methods
  3. Card counting systems

Now that you understand why card counting works, and you know the system or strategy, it is time to know:

  1. How to card count and how long you have to wait before the card counting system works.

A slow method

Most of the blackjack card counting techniques require the player to count only low cards. This is because high cards lessen the house advantage in the short run. For example, in a six deck shoe, a typical player will see about 30% of the cards. In the case of continuous shuffling, a player will have to wait for a very long time to reach the point were a low card is added to the deck as a new card. You have to remember that you have to wait for a long time on the low cards are dealt.

The Best way to Beat the Casino System

The Best way to Beat the Casino System A fast method

Just as with roulette, a fast method of blackjack card counting is to bet with a single deck. This system works very well in the case of a fast moving table. But, it is not advisable to use this method in the case of a slow table. The slow method is to bet with two decks.

In either case, while your goal is to win as much as possible, you have to accept the fact that you will lose some too. The card counting system mentioned above is the best way to do so. But, these systems do not guarantee an overall win. You’ll still lose sometimes.

The best way to win

An overall win at blackjack can be assured when you know the best ways to play the various games. The best way to play blackjack is as follows:

  1. Withdrawing when you have a winning hand
  2. Withdrawing when you do not have a winning hand
  3. Stealing when you have a winning hand
  4. Stealing when you do not have a winning hand
  5. Double down when your cards show great potential for addition

However, a fast method of blackjack card counting is not applicable for the case of the slow play. It simply doesn’t work. The slow play is the essence of the game. Do not allow the dealer to beat you. You have to get out now. The fast play is pure speculation on the part of the player. Certainly, you do not want to rely on this strategy.

You must withdraw when you have a winning hand and you have a good chance of beating the dealer when you are playing blackjack. Give yourself a chance to win. Why not? Now you have another decision to make. Do you think the deck will turn for you?

  1. Back up

Before you start playing, you should set a time limit for your play. Put a time limit on it and stick with it. Clinging to a belief system is a sure formula for disaster. You want to remove all doubt from your mind. If you are not going to follow the rules, you do not need to play.

When you go to play, make sure you have all the money (preferably in separate wallets, not in the account cards) and also, make sure you are out of debt. Know when to stop. It is very easy to remember that you have $50 in your ufa356 savings and you think you will surely win $100. Unless you are out for a big score, stop.

  1. A Game of Confidence

Personally, I feel that gambling should only be an occasional thing. I believe that with a little self confidence and a lot of knowledge about the game, you can turn $500 into $1,000 very quickly. Start with a little amount and do small things like getting down to the track and betting $2.

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